The Ant Farms

Welcome to my world of pure imagination. The Ant Farms is my most beloved creation. Whilst at college I enrolled in a history class tought by a teacher which for the most part; a great storyteller. One morning, his storytelling seemed uninteresting. So I took out my sketch pad from my backpack and began to draw. I chose my left hand to sketch. Suddenly, I felt something crawling on the back of my palm. I observed that it was an ant. At first, I wanted to press my finger onto it, and afterwards smear it away into oblivion. Instead, I stared. Watched it wonder round and around. My palm is that ants house I thought. On that day as I was to return home my chore was to do my laundry. So I thought it too (the ant)should do its laundry. It is why the 1st installment of this collection is suitably entitled, “Laundry Day”. What of the ant? It went sky diving as I flicked it off of my hand, in self defense, due to it biting me. Eww!

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