The Ed-dies

Or is it ‘The Eddies’, you mean? There are many in the series.
He has no muscle. No flesh. No heart. Or does he?
Ed is a kind soul. Harmless. Friendly. Always one to lend advice and offer caution.
He wouldn’t hurt a fly. A spider maybe. Ed has been on many a journey.
So many that Ed doesn’t realize that the spider isn’t following him to cause Ed harm, but that it is it’s curiousity to follow how far Ed will go. Though small and minuscule a phobia can become, it can also resonate as one’s greatest awakening.
Moral of the story?
Don’t discard something that is trying to help you to understand your travels whether it be destination, father, mother, child, or spider. A lesson for us all.
R.I.P. spider.
Rest in peace.

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