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Last updated: 5/20/2019

Created in 1978, the works, ideas, and dreams you will see are the direct influence from an ‘art & crafty’ kind of mother which Romeo has. When growing up delicious and paint were to become the artists favorite words in the English language.  As it turned out.  They were the perfect words to choose to describe the feelings and emotions one could feel when they see a painting/illustration from the artist.

Fastforward – 2018!

Finding himself surrounded between two worlds; one mentally, and the other creatively.  He thought for a moment that he might inherit a bit of what is known to writers as ‘writers block’ but that he would inherit ‘artists block’.  Fortunately, that wouldn’t be the case. The fairytale architecture alone in the city he resides near now, have many personalities. See the series dedicated to the city streets on Amager, and others from the link below.
The Life of Dan

Some found him painting on the perimeters of Cafe Tu Tu Tango on Universal Studios’ City Walk in North Hollywood, and others as co-owner of  CARPE ARTE Gallery within the NoHo Arts District. Guide yourselves easily within these web pages, and take the opportunity to see something unique.  Decorate your wonderful homes, and expanding offices or as an art gift for a friend or family member, which can only be explained as a gift that has been “painted deliciously”.

Be sure to add this url to your favorites bar on your browser for a faster view of Romeo’s artworks.  If you have any questions feel free to contact him from the avenues at the bottom of every page.  Or just click here.

So now ladies, gentleman, and especially you creative artistic children. If there is a sad face amongst you. Consider it turned upside down as you enter the world of artist Romeo Valentino.


Dayved Wolf
Collector of artists paintings/illustration

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