Dear collectors, friends, fans, and family,

I have had www.deliciouspaint.com as my premier website to showcase my portfolio and webshop since the early 2000’s. And of recent, I’ve changed it’s trajectory from my personal artwork and webshop to a platform where I would be able to teach, instruct, and coach children as well as young adults into the world of the visual and fine arts.

This doesn’t mean that I will stop using this site, no!
I’ll be utilizing this site to fulfill one of my biggest dreams and endevours.
To deliver coaching, education, and guidance to the aforementioned.

I am updating my NEW website and hope that you will follow me and “favorite” my new site.
Remember, www.deliciouspaint.com will continue to be owned and run by me.

So, visit my new website to see my new and exciting works at:


Hope to see you there!

Romeo Valentino