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Welcome to the on-line art gallery of artists Romeo Valenitno!

Within these pages and complied into menues will you get the opportunity to
view the collections painted and drawn on which created the idea of paint that is delicious.

DeliciousPaint.com has finally begun its webshop this year!   Enter to win a free piece of art before September 26th.  Details below.

This site is dedicatfor all curious newcomersmindedwas created for a means of new and reoccurring collectors to see and comment on new artwork.  The placement of paint as well as the compositions differentials will offer to you a story of an artist so inspired, so energized with life that he can’t  wait to introduce himself to you and get to know and understand those that might be drawn to his artwork and style.

Ladies, Gentlemen and artists alike.
Be inspired and enter the world of artist Romeo Valentino



Happening Now!

Find out what’s happening in the world of art, in the
North, East, West and South parts of the globe!

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