Cops & Robbers


Look even closer!
As children there were lots of games to play during recess. Dodgeball, handball, softball, tetherball, basketball, even “Cowboys & Indians” (wink). So was cops and robbers! Then when we grow older and view a few video uploads of policing gone wrong we understand what protect and serve really means. Without dampening our mood I interpereted this time of our current affairs to a childhoods harmless game. I hope you enjoy! So do you see them? The two that found peace amoungst the caos? So gather your friends and let’s play as you take the journey into the world; YOUR world.
As if you lived on an ants farm.



Type:  AP print
Printed on:
A4 sized paper (cropped).
Materials Used:
100 gram (paper).
Protective plastic sheath.
Sturdy (card)board support for artwork.
Flat surface.  No ridges.
Delivery:  1 – 5 days.
Shipping:  FREE world wide.
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Weight .333 kg
Dimensions 15 × 21 cm