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Quite on set! Roll film. Slate. Lights. Camera. Action! Weather it be a romantic comedy, a sci-fi thriller or an action packed psychological drama; movies can play a roll on your upbringing and how you are molded to think. Don’t think so? Know any movie quotes? I do. We all do! Take care of your mind as you enter that black box. Beware the light that Hollywood shines upon you! Buy your ticket and let the magic unfold as you take the journey into the world; YOUR world.
As if you lived on an ants farm.

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Type:  AP print
Printed on:
A4 sized paper (cropped).
Materials Used:
100 gram (paper).
Protective plastic sheath.
Sturdy (card)board support for artwork.
Flat surface.  No ridges.
Delivery:  1 to 5 days.
Shipping:  FREE world wide.
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Weight .333 kg
Dimensions 15 × 21 cm