Lovers Lane


Look closer!
It’s not a street. Definitely not a highway. It’s the Lover’s Lane. Slow down. Feel the love. Here you can speak to your partner about anything. No one will judge you. Your in this life together. If you find problems, work it out. Be patient. You two will find balance together. Enjoy the cultivation of your love and keep it hydrated for as long as you both shall live as you take the journey into the world; YOUR world.
As if you lived on an ants farm.



Type:  AP print
Printed on:
A4 sized paper (cropped).
Materials Used:
100 gram (paper).
Protective plastic sheath.
Sturdy (card)board support for artwork.
Flat surface.  No ridges.
Delivery:  1 to 5 days.
Shipping:  FREE world wide.
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Weight .333 kg
Dimensions 15 × 21 cm