Skate or Try


Look closer!
This isn’t a video game. This is the real thing! Get out! Grab your board and roll out autobot! Hahahaha! Choose any course you so desire. Show off your skills on the ramp of destiny. Put your safety pads on and perform your tricks. But don’t die! Skate or Try! Again and again and again as you take the journey into the world; YOUR world.
As if you lived on an ants farm.



Type:  AP print
Printed on:
A4 sized paper (cropped).
Materials Used:
100 gram (paper).
Protective plastic sheath.
Sturdy (card)board support for artwork.
Flat surface.  No ridges.
Delivery:  1 to 5 days.
Shipping:  FREE world wide.
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Additional information

Weight .333 kg
Dimensions 15 × 21 cm